Publicis Launches PXP in South Africa

PXP, Publicis Groupe’s future-facing content production solution, expands its global footprint with a newly launched hub in South Africa.

On 31 January 2024, Publicis Groupe announced the global expansion of PXP, its future-facing production network designed to create integrated consumer experiences for brands while unlocking the value of content through data, technology, platform expertise and industry relevance.

“Creative content production is possibly one of the most rapidly changing areas in the marketing and advertising industry as it’s driven by the rule of data, the fragmentation of platforms, the technology revolution and the endless search for simplicity and efficiency.
PXP was created not only to help brands navigate this complexity and deliver efficiencies but also to fully embrace these changes with the mission of unlocking the greatest value of content for brands.” Heidi Nelson, Publicis Groupe Africa SVP and Production Practice Head.

In a first step towards its global deployment, PXP will expand beyond its birth market in North America, across four delivery hubs strategically located in South Africa, Central Eastern Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia – regions known for the quality of their creative talent and technologies.

With the rise of more advanced technology and AI, the company is proactively investing in a connected network of a new breed of talent, with the creative insights, platform-savviness and expertise needed to drive future-facing, automated, AI-powered and data-driven production and content solutions at the scale of modern brands’ global needs. This expansion represents a pivotal moment for PXP, the brands it serves and the industry, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

“PXP stands for pioneering what’s possible. That’s because we embrace the technology revolution from AI to virtual shoots and the rule of data to not just deliver on brands’ needs but always be a step ahead,” said Sergio Lopez-Ferrero, Global CEO of Publicis Production.
“As well as being consumer-driven thanks to data and elevating technology in everything we do, we believe in cut-through craft across meaningful integrated consumer experiences, ensuring each piece of content is meticulously optimised for its intended platform and audience in the specific context of every category,” he explains.

“The global expansion of PXP is a game-changer for our clients and our teams across the world. We’re on an exciting journey, breaking through limits and bringing tech-savvy solutions that empower brands like never before,” says Sergio.

“PXP isn’t just about changing production; it’s about setting new standards. This expansion shows how committed we are to creativity, innovation and working smarter in a fast-changing world. We’re not just about content; we want to deliver unforgettable experiences on every platform, making meaningful impressions on consumers. This is our chance to push boundaries and see what’s really possible,” says Pete Little, Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Groupe Africa.

About PXP:

PXP is Publicis Groupe’s future-facing global production network, fully immersed in the realm of data, the technological revolution, and the platform-driven world. We craft and deliver impactful consumer experiences using cutting-edge creative and consumer-driven solutions, all tailored to meet the needs of global brands.

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