Digitas Liquorice


YouTube has bespoke content for African audiences, but few know this. We created and deployed a campaign across 8 regions, which included a total of 9 languages to show how YouTube is made for varied markets. 


Our creative strategy was to demonstrate that while YouTube is available to a mass audience, YouTube has videos made especially for you, whoever you are and wherever you’re from.  

We created the content to show how YouTube is made in different markets, with different regions, cultures, languages and personalities in mind. Besides focusing on language, particular care was taken during scriptwriting, casting and costume creation to ensure that all assets were culturally relevant too.  

YouTube directed Africa to the #YouTubeMadeForYou page and Africa can’t get enough. #YouTubeMadeForYou videos have been viewed on YouTube over 50 million times and the YouTube Africa Channel has grown.

The campaign successfully turned African users into creators and showed that whoever you are, and wherever you are YouTube is Made for You.

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