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The Respectful Billboard
Mondelez / Oreo


Every year at Ramadan, Muslim’s fast during the day – and, every day, they’re subjected to non-stop food advertising. This is an inconsiderate way of talking to this community at a key time of year.


“The Respectful Billboard”

Every day for the month of Ramadan, Oreo showed its respect with a Ramadan message, featuring the iconic crescent moon. And every night during Ramadan, when feasting starts, we revealed our biscuit, with the sliver of the crescent becoming the cream of the Oreo biscuit.

The Respectful Billboards had a reach of 13-million and received love and gratitude on socials. For a very small investment and zero production cost, we made a connection with an important audience, at the perfect time of year.

It was just a small gesture from Oreo, the world’s favourite sweet cookie, showing that we’re not only sweet, we’re also a bit more considerate.

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