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The Challenge

Citadel, Prime’s new spy series, starring Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden, was launching, but not much was known about it in the South African market. The show had 6 episodes, with 2 new episodes dropping every Friday. So, we knew that we had to keep people coming back to the platform to watch the new episodes weekly.


To keep the intrigue and excitement around the show up, every touch point of the campaign immersed people in the world of spies and made them feel like they too, are part of the show. This is how the idea was executed:

  • Launch: At a busy mall, a giant spy briefcase with a screen engaged consumers, who scanned a QR code to enter an interactive Instagram Messenger Bot journey about the Citadel agency.
  • Sustain: The Messenger Bot continued engaging fans with intel, character info, personalized agent IDs, and weekly episode reminders, supported by digital and radio promotions.
  • Finale: Influencers received immersive invites via classified packages containing burner phones directing them to a finale watch party. The event, held in a transformed warehouse with a decoy barbershop entrance, featured spy-themed cocktails, briefcase-served snacks, and photo ops, creating a fully immersive spy experience.

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